An extremely simple text editor. For Windows & Mac.

Notion PDF Export

Notion PDF Export

A tool to allow batch PDF export for free Notion users.

GTA 5 Cleaner

GTA 5 Cleaner

A tool to clean out mods from Grand Theft Auto 5 for online play, and restore them later.


Meditation Web App

A simple web app for meditation and focus.

Refresh Lists

iOS App to create and review re-usable checklists with reminders.

Cloud GAN

Generates a paired training set for Cloud Detection AI consisting of cloudy images and accurate masks using a CycleGAN model.

Kanban Board

A Kanaban style task list built in React

Simple Express Authentication

Dead simple manual authentication for Express Apps - No Passport Required!

Anonymous Forum

A forum with boards, threads and replies.

Stock Price Checker

An API to get prices of NASDAQ Stocks.

USA-UK Translator

Translates text between American and British English.

Sudoku Solver

Solves most Sudoku puzzles using Recursive Backtracking Algorithm.

Personal Library

A GoodReads style Express app to comment on books.

Issue Tracker

A Web App and API to track Issues for Software Projects.

Unit Converter

An Express API that converts between metric and imperial units.


A minimal, distraction-free document writer.

Expense Report App

Lead Front End developer on a React Native App to submit expense reports.

Pocket Windows

An unoffical Windows App for Pocket.

Weather Web App

A JavaScript web app which retuns the weather at a location, using Google Places and DarkSky API.


A full feature social network, built on Ruby on Rails.

Markdown Previewer

A react web app to preview markdown text in real time.

Random Quote Machine

Generates a random, inspirational quote.

File Upload Microservice

A simple API to POST/Upload a file and retrieve the filesize using multer.

Exercise Log

An online exercise log. Add exercise sessions using a user id and retrieve a filtered log.

URL Shortener

API to shorten urls, and then redirect GET routes back to the original URL.

Timestamp Microservice

API to convert between ISO and Unix time, and get the current time.

Who am I? - API

A simple API that returns your IP Address, Language and User Agent from a request header.

D3 Treemap Diagram

A treemap diagram made with d3.js showing the revenue from various movies.

D3 Choropleth Map

A choropleth map made with d3.js showing how education levels vary across counties in the USA.

D3 Heat Map

A heat map made with d3.js showing how global land surface temperatures have changed over time.

D3 Scatter Graph

A scatterplot made with d3.js showing data on doping in professional cycling.

D3 Bar Chart

A bar chart made with d3.js showing USA GDP over time.

Drum Machine

A drum machine made in Javascript with buttons mapped to sounds.


A simple list. Add tasks, check them off... Classic React To-do list.


An online notebook for simple text documents, built with Rails.

Simple Calculator

A simple web-based JavaScript calculator, built with CSS Grid.

Image Classifier

Uses ml5.js to identify what is on an image or the camera feed.

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